• NORD UCH Wiitch-hoo´s Franklin born 20170417 foto Ingrid Kruse

    We proudly present our Great swiss mountain dog NORD UCH Wittch-hoo´s Franklin,
    He is HD-A Ed 0/0 and OCD free.
    Franklin has a lovely and happy temperament, he loves people and other animals. He has been a great showmaster in the rings and won many titles of BOB´s, he has been in Germany at the dog world show and got third place, also qualified to Crufts 2019 and there he got on the second place with excellent critics and qualifided to Cruft 2020.
    Franklin has done a mentaltest and he did with the greatest way!

  • DKJ UCH Wiitch-hoo´s Ivanhoe born 20180101 foto: Ingrid Kruse

    We proudly present our second Great swiss mountain dog DKJ UCH Wiitch-hoo´s Ivanhoe!
    He is HD-A Ed 0/0 and OCD free. This youngster has grown up to be a excellent and kind dog, he has been on a lot of dogshows also and has won the title BOB many times. Ivanhoe loves to play and work aswell as just chill and relax in the sofa. Ivanhoe is also qualifided to Crufts 2020.